Saturday, September 03, 2005

London Uncovered

On a haunt around London we decided to check out the uncovered bits of London and all the eateries grown out of the ethnic diversity that make this city great. First up - Salt Beef with Mustard 1.90 p. this place is open 24 hours a day and stocks the best bagels in this city, plain, poppy and onion platzelst around the 20p mark and awesome rye bread studded through with fennel seeds for 40p. Beigel Bakery - Brick Lane, Shoreditch

The New Picadilly Cafe. A giant, or dinosaur Is hould say of the classic cafes that you see dotted about London, with E. Pellici's on Bethnal Green given listed status its a wonder this loving haunt with its formica and 50s ringing cash register hasn't succumbed tot he what-must-be-insane rents as the cafe is situated literally behind Tottenham Court Station and sharing prize estate with the Royal Academy of Arts and Regents Street. I don't pretend to know much about the legacy or architectural significance of this place but I found it to be absolutley hospitable and had my request for extra custard on my Spotted Dick pudding graciously and personally recieved, service like that I've never had at more 'modern' places.

This isn't retro 'styling', this is the real, authentic deal.

Original menu, plus nursery/school dinner pudding favourites.