Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mid-week Roast Chicken

They say that a restaurant kitchen stnads or falls on it's roast chicken. Its something that seems fiendishly simple in it's execution, being so humdrum and everyday. Chicken is so much an 'everyday'-ish sort of meat. But it needn't be. This is mid-week roast chicken from a recipe adapted from Meathenge roasting/grilling guru. The roasting method really does matter here to ensure a moist, crisp-skinned bird, I used to roast it under foil and in a tray, which is pretty much the conventional way of doing it, but this method actually allows the meat to steam as opposed to roast. This means that the underside gets all soggy and the skin never really crisps up in the best rotisserie fashion.

Rub: Lemon thyme, rosemary and tarragon, salt and pepper.
Method: Lay the chicken breast side down on a rack, underneath slide a tray to catch the drippings for a great gravy.
Oven: At 220C to start and then down to 190C for around 40 minutes, turn the bird the right way up for the last 15 minutes.

This really was a revelation to eat and made such a difference with rack-roasting to the texture, which remained meltingly moist and firm, but with a delicious crusty skin.


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