Monday, March 07, 2005

Chinese New Year 2005 Hotpot mania

Blurry quality, but still enough to inspire the tastebuds.

I don't normally celebrate Chinese New Year on my own. This is my final year in Leeds and I felt like this would be good to do everything up North that I would normally do at home with my family in London. It will be a good send off.
I made it down to the frozen food market in the dilapidated Chinatown area and picked up some goodies. Hotpot is something found all over South East Asia, known as 'steamboat' or 'huo guo' (literally 'firepot') in Chinese.I picked up some pe-tsai greens, which I later found to be freighted in from China somewhere (bad), tofu, tiger prawns, Korean, Japanese and thai fish cakes and assorted yummies. Enoki mushrooms and finally a portion of the amazing kim-chee I brought up from London.
Ingredients for a winter hotpot They didn't have the paper-thin slices of meat available at only the best Korean butchers in London up here (which are truly amazing when you can see your fingers through the meat - they really do slice it that thin). The thiness means that the meat cooks instantly which you can dip straight into your little concoction of wasabi, soy and chili bean sauce. Everything cooks at different times and dip in freely at whiever ingredient is done. Communal eating at it's very best.

ngredients for a Yorkshire winter hotpot:

- Sliced rump steak
- Fresh firm tofu
- Napa Cabbage kimchee
- Mustard greens kimchee
- S-a cha Chinese BBQ sauce
- Chili bean sauce
- Soy sauce
- Sliced pork fillet
- Tofu and fish blocks
- Fish balls
- Tofu and seaweed cakes
- Beef balls
- Thai fish cakes
- Various Korean fish products
-Chinese pe-tsai
- Enoki mushrooms
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This all turned into an unbelievebly rich stock at the end and warmed us up. You really can't beat a fire on your tabletop.
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