Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cafe Emm's of Soho, London.

Mr. V and I found this place by chance a few years ago on one of our jaunts to the capital. Finding somewhere cheap and tasteful, but not obscenely unpalatable or a menu displayed in neon grease patina above your head is near-impossible in central London. Cafe Emm's on Frith Street in Soho, London is one of those reliable eateries that delivery again and again. The burgers I have heard on more than one occasion are the 'best in Soho', which I suppose counts for a little something. The draw is definitely thre half-pound burger, which weighs in with a hefty home-made wholemeal bun, chips, salad with a verdant mustardy vinagerette. A choice of toppings for your burger is offered, Stilton, barbeque etc. the menu is priced attractively under 5.95 rising to 7-ish. French cafe art lines the walls, a hustling and bustling line of people lines this place from around 8pm onwards.


At 8:21 pm, Anonymous MARION VARDY said...

I agree the best place in soho.
good Home Cooked food at reasonable prices, in a very
relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Loths of British old favourites including the best fish and chips with minted mushy peas.....Athe best price for soho.
Best to get ther early as it is a populat place...

At 3:33 am, Anonymous Milli said...

I am an Australian whom had lived in London for 7 years. I too discovered this fantastic cafe and considering London can be outrageous in its pricing for food, it is a relief to get value for money AND it is great too. From memory the Cajun Chicken was great.


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